A big thanks to Tyler Joksas, Cole Wannamaker, Nicolas Jacobs and their teacher Mrs. Briscoe from the Video class at Oakridge Secondary School for putting together a A4A video! Featured art work by WhiteWorks Jack of Arts, Funky Hue, Malibu Budd Tattoos and other great Canadian Artists.

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This is what socailizing a semi-feral cat looks like. Sometimes our foster cats just need a large cage to hang out in to get used to and learn to trust people. Consider fostering a cat semi-feral and watch them slowly turn into a friendly house cat with love and time😻

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Happy Family Day. Post pictures of your four legged, feathered or finned family members.

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  • Laurie Watson Ristmae Train with your brain, not pain. It’s pretty straightforward but we’re an entitled society with immediacy issues. Thanks for this post ART 4 Animals 👌🏼👍🏼🐶
  • Chris Manders They dont do this unless they are used improperly (as in left on as a collar for tieout or dragged behind a vehicle with it connected to the car) They are meant for training only and work very well!