Medical Help:

Vet Med Transport-Veterinary Medical Support for Live Pet transport as well as Deceased Pet Removal. More information call 1-226-444-9911 or

Smart Vet-is telemedicine triage service for pet owners. Contact or call 1-888-243-1411.

London Regional Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital — 41 Adelaide St. N Suite #45 London contact for hours 519-432-3300.

OakWest Urgent Care-Thur/Fri/Sat 10-5 call 519-871-1560.

Poisoning Control-contact or call 1-855-764-7661.


PAWS-Progressive Animal Welfare Services, helping people with vet care.

iFinance PetCard-This Finance company is specifically for PET OWNERS who are looking for assistance. or call 1-888-689-9876.

Scratch Pay-is another Finance company to apply to for help with assistance.

Farley Foundation-Helping people. Helping pets. To be eligible you must have a relationship with a veterinary clinic. Pet owners CANNOT apply for this assistance directly. The decision to apply is up to the discretion of your veterinarian. Some considerations that may be taken into account are Ontario Disability Benefits recipients, Ontario Works recipients, Seniors on Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement and in long term care facilities and women entering shelter facilities.


Indoor cats that are lost outside normally stays close by within 2-3 houses. Check bushes, window wells, neighbor’s garages, and look up at poles/trees. Shake their dry food/treats while walking about and try to remain calm when calling out their name!

Put something with a familiar scent on it outside like a blanket, or a toy or a piece of clothing that you would wear. Also put out their litter box and dry food-but only during daylight hours!

Post flyers with pictures and a description of your cat in the neighbor hood, Facebook social media groups of lost pets, Call LACC and notify them of your lost pet. Check this site daily

Post details and photo on: and

If you find a LOST pet- take it to your vet office where they can scan for a microchip or LACC. Post hard copies of a poster, social media groups on Facebook.

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