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Carly came into foster as she was rejected by her family and gave birth to a litter of kittens outdoors in a rural area. Neighbors were feeding Carly and became very concerned when the kittens appeared. Carly presented as aloof and not especially receptive to human contact. Carly and her kittens were trapped – the kittens moved on to another rescue and it was assumed Carly may have to be returned to the neighbors for
Manon at only four years old has had an interesting but sad background. At one point she must have been someone’s pet but found herself homeless, family in tow. Hungry and with winter coming, she found a human who feed her family and asked us to help them.During this time Manon give birth to at least two litters. The only known surviving offspring from her oldest litter is Puddin’ who is very bonded to her.
Sweetpea is a fluffy, medium haired beauty who wants to be your princess. She was found as an abandoned kitten with a very infected eye that required removal. She loves scratches, being brushed and her favorite toys are springs. She has co-habituated with other cats and a small dog. If sharing a space with other pets she needs there to be enough space where she can escape others for some solo time if needed. A
Kara was found outside as a young mother. Her kittens have long been adopted. She is still shy of humans but slowly coming around. If you are looking for a friend for a lonely cat, she is your girl. She’s super motivated by cats and will follow them everywhere and wear them down until they love her.She is really good with other cats taking the dominant role in the house, she just wants to be
Bonded sisters, Penny and Skittles, are now looking for their forever home. Born outside to a feral Mama these two took quite some time to socialize to human interactions. Now they want to be your friend but Skittles does take time trust new people and give them her love. Penny responds to being petted with, loud, loving purrs. Penny is exceptionally striking with her longer fur and super fluffy tail. Although she has a mild

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