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The first bag (case) of food, litter, litter box and all vetting will be provided by Art4Animals. Any additional food and litter that is donated will be shared, but we would appreciate the help with the cost of those supplies. All cats of Art4Animals shall be kept indoors only. Art4Animals must be contacted immediately for any medical reason pertaining to this animal. In addition, the animal must be taken to our approved veterinarian. Should you have an emergency with your pet and it is after hours or unable to get an appointment immediately, please use the Hamilton Road or Oxford Animal Clinic. Please note: This option can only be used for an emergency or if A4A members cannot be contacted.) For last resort emergency, please take the pet to Veterinarian Emergency Clinic. A member of Art4Animals will make arrangements for the animal to be seen by our approved veterinarian. Please note that should you fail to adhere to this arrangement, you will be responsible for all vetting costs incurred. Art4Animals must be notified immediately should this animal bite a person. Art4Animals reserves the right to remove this animal at any time it deems necessary. I authorize and acknowledge an investigation of the above provided information should Art4Animals deem it necessary. I acknowledge that Art4Animals may decline this application for any reason and without explanation. Should for ANY reason I become unable to care for this foster animal, I agree to return he or she to Art4Animals immediately.

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