Ice is a cute tabby patch boy that likes to come to you in his own terms….imagine a cat doing that LOL….. He will be neutered, deflead, dewormed and given his first set of shots his adoption fee is $150 or 250$ with one of his siblings. It is up to his forever home to booster him.

Xena is twin to her brother Tiberius. We can barely tell them apart! She is a beautiful, friendly, social girl who will be spayed, deflead, dewormed and given her first set of shots for 150$ or $250 for her and a sibling. The forever home will have to get her boosters. Xena is good with other cats and children, she has medium hair tabby with Brown/Chocolate.

Tiberius is a twin of Xena…so much so we can barely tell them apart!! He is a friendly, social little boy. He will be neutered, deflead, dewormed and have his first set of shots for 150$ or 250$ for him and a sibling. The forever home will have to get his boosters. He is good with other cats and children.

Pretty loves to play and cuddle! She is great with other cats and is quick to purr. She has medium length fur and lots of personality. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been give Revolution and Profender. Her adopter will be required to boost her vaccines as she is not old enough for them all yet. Her adoption fee is $150.00.

Mulberry is loving and caring with friendly cats. She was feral a few month ago and she is still learning that slow, soft touch is good. She will now come on your laps and ask for petting. She loves to play with toys and other cats. She will be a wonderful, loving company after few more month with a patient, caring and loving owner. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $150.00.

These lovely ladies were born and lived outside their whole lives until rescued. They are adjusting to indoor life well and getting more confident every day. They enjoy attention just are still getting used to being picked up.
They have a couple of birth defects potentially to inbreeding including unusual front paws and smaller jaws. They manage just fine but may need a food mat under their bowls to help catch as they tend to be a little bit messy eaters. These sisters love each other and would make a great addition in a quieter home where they can continue to gain confidence and trust. They are both Spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Their adoption fee is $250.00.

Smokey is a very affectionate cat and prefers attention form me foster mom, though is happy to be pet by men and warming up quickly to children.
She prefers to be the only animal in the home and soaks up all the attention one can provide.
She is playful in the morning and is happy to relax and watch everyone complete activates in their day. He would like her to be on a wet or raw diet only to help with her weight loss to get to a healthier weight while she is younger. She was returned from her recent adoption due to unforeseen health issues that arised. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and profender. Her adoption fee is $150.00.

Gardenia is a quiet little lady who loves attention but is still building up her confidence to approach her fosters. She is good with friendly cats. Her time on the streets has left her with eyes that do leak. She is quite good with having them wiped and kept clean. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $150.00.

Dougie is a handsome man who is great with friendly cats and definitely needs a cat friend in his new home. He likes short petting session and will take food from your hand. He may just be a kitty that just doesn’t want to be handled but otherwise is a very sweet boy. He will come find his foster mom upstairs in the mornings and give her heck to feed him NOW!! He doesn’t run and hide most of the time when people come over so he is comfortable with humans being around him. He may do well in a shop as an alternative if he has a buddy to chill with. He likes to play with toys by himself and play chase with Chip, his foster brother. If you have the patience with letting him go at his own pace and not force petting or cuddling he ready for the right person. He is so sweet and has never growled, hissed or spit at anyone. He is required to eat raw food as he is unable to handle processed foods. His adoption fee is $150.00 or adopt him and a friend for him for $250.00.

Smokey and Tiger are senior, declawed bonded boys who have been together for 10 years. They love playing together and both are very loving towards people and curl up with someone who is petting them. They would prefer a place to retire and enjoy their golden years. Tiger has Hyperthroidism which has been caught early and is manageable. He is currently being treated with medicated paste on his ear.
Both boys have just been vetted including bloodwork and required treatments and vaccines. Their adoption fee is $225.00.
To learn more about Hyperthyroidism here is a link:…/feli…/hyperthyroidism-cats 

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