Art 4 Animals rescues homeless cats from London and area. To date, we rescued and adopted out over 120 cats in just our first year!

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All our cats that are available for adoption have been spayed/neutered, given age appropriate vaccines, and have been given worm and flea medications. Also, any health concerns that have been brought to our attention have been addressed. Our adoption fee for ONE cat is $150.00 : for TWO cats is $250.00.

An adoption application is the first step if you would like to be considered to adopt one of our cats. You can fill out an application for a specific cat on this page.

We also have the Art 4 Animals Centre at 38 Adelaide St, N Unit 3, London open every Saturday 10am-2pm. Some of our available cats will be there to greet you in person.

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Are you interested in adopting a cat?

Come and visit us and the cats at the Adoption Centre at 38 Adelaide St, N Unit 3, London.

We’re open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. every Saturday.

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Please note: There is no obligation to adopt a cat with an application, please understand that our cats live in foster homes and we will only set up in home meet and greets with approved applicants.

Our sweet Ruby was found outside with a litter of kittens. She is a little shy with new people at first but once she gets to know you she can’t get enough. She is sweet, gentle and loving. She loves playing with toys and sitting on her cat tree and looking out the window. She absolutely LOVES to be with other cats and will need a kitty friend in her forever home. She is also
Born and living outside for the first couple of months of their lives these ladies came in wild and not a fan of people. They have come so far and continue to make progress every day.Rebel is quite the little sweetheart and the a very cuddly kitten on her terms. She follows her foster mom around like a puppy and absolutely LOVES the resident dog. Diamond is more shy and takes her time to get
Little Lady was a feral cat who was trapped and couldn’t be released back to her neighborhood as a neighbor was trying to eliminate her family with poison. She took many months to come around but her hisses have turned into purrs and she now LOVES human affection. Being handled is still too much loss of control and makes her uncomfortable but she is becoming more trusting of our species every week.She may have some
Manon has had an interesting background. At one point she must have been someone’s cat, but has been outdoors and free roaming for at least a year having given birth to 2 litters. While skittish at first she loves having her head and ears scratched and is quick to arch her back in response to being petted. Manon is starting to play and is determined to catch the cat wand. She is Spayed, vaccinated and
Liam loves to play, he definitely needs a cat friend in his forever home to play with. He enjoys attention and treats. He is neutered, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. His adoption fee is $150 or adopt him and his sister topaz for $250.00.
Bonded sisters, Penny and Skittles, are now looking for their forever home. Born outside to a feral Mama these two took quite some time to socialize to human interactions. Now they want to be your friend but Skittles does take time trust new people and give them her love. Penny responds to being petted with, loud, loving purrs. Penny is exceptionally striking with her longer fur and super fluffy tail. Although she has a mild
Marble loves to play and is great with friendly cats. He definitely needs a cat friend in his forever home. He is getting braver and more trusting of humans every day and needs a patient, quite home where he can continue to feel safe. He is becoming quite a sweetheart but he is a work in progress. He would be a great companion for a lonely cat.He’s neutered, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and
Lucky is a sweet girl who is getting friendlier every day with people. She loves to play and definitely needs a cat friend in her forever home. She has pretty orange patches mixed into her brown tabby coat. A quiet and patient home that will allow her to continue to build trusting human relationships would be best. She is spayed, backs and heated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $150.00.
opaz loves to play and is great with friendly cats. She definitely needs a cat friend in her forever home. She is getting friendlier with people everyday but will need a home with some patient humans to continue to gain her trust as she was born and lived outside until more recently. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and profender. Her adoption fee is $150.00.
Midnight is very sweet and cuddly when she gets to know you. She’s shy at first with new people but will kneeds on you when she’s happy and trusts you.She is good with calmer children and friendly dogs and cats but she’s unsure of very young children and will hide from them. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $150.00.
Sweet and charming! Louie loves to curl up in bed with a good book. He’s an explorer through and through with a knack for finding things you’ve lost behind the couch. He loves his realistic mouse toy as it gives him a sense of realness without having the alternative. He loves to be with other animals and would require another fur friend in the home for him to play with and follow around. Louie does
Beans has a tipped ear since he came in feral and took some time to socialize, so a patient family is needed without young kids as he still a little shy of fast movements. He has come a long way though! He is a very sweet, gentle cat that must have a feline friend in his forever home. He loves toys and chasing a bird on a string and cuddling with other cats. He loves
These two bonded friends are after a loving, quiet and patient forever home. They are still working on becoming more trusting and friendly with humans every day. They now enjoy a regular attention and are quite social characters in the house. Boots still gets a bit scared but the Gap is closing more and more. They get along great with other cats. They are fixed, vaccinated and have been given profender and Revolution. Their adoption
Mamma Mia was born outside and had her family outside, two babies remained by the time they were brought in on a cold day in 2020. With many months of positive reinforcement she is mostly convinced that humans can be trusted. She has really made huge progress and has turned into quite a sweet, happy girl. She is good with friendly cats but won’t be pushed around by others. She does enjoy playing with other

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