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I.e. scratching furniture, missing the litter box etc.

Smokey and Tiger are senior, declawed bonded boys who have been together for 10 years. They love playing together and both are very loving towards people and curl up with someone who is petting them. They would prefer a place to retire and enjoy their golden years. Tiger has Hyperthroidism which has been caught early and is manageable. He is currently being treated with medicated paste on his ear.Both boys have just been vetted including
Playful, talkative, cat friendly, sweet Joey. He has striking markings and is ready to have a good time. He would be best with older children. He is neutered, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. His adoption fee is $125.00.
Another very friendly black cat looking for a home. He is great with friendly cats, loves to play and lives for pets and scratches. He is ready to be loved and cared for and happy to be warm and off the streets. He will be neutered, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. His adoption fee is $125 or adopt him and one of our other cats for $200.00.
Super sweet, affectionate and great with friendly cats. It’s difficult to see in the pics but her face is actually looks similar to the Na’vi people in the movie Avatar. She had an infection and face swelling as a young kitten and her face never went back to normal. We think it makes her look extra cute. She will be spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $125 or
FOSTER NEEDEDSweet, outgoing, pet friendly, affectionate cuddle bug. This little man is just loving life and any being he meets. Life has not always been kind to Onyx as he goes have scared eyes from a bag eye infection as a baby but he doesn’t let that slow him down and sees well enough that it doesn’t hinder play, food for cuddle time. Being so social he needs a at least 1 dog or cat
Timmy is settling in nicely at has foster home. He is getting comfortable with the dog and loves the cats. He really would do well with younger cat friend who would enjoy play. He also likes lying in bed close to cats or people. He is not a fan of sudden moves or loud noises but is still adjusting to indoor cat life. He is learning to play with cat toys but loves playing with
his beautiful gal is Aria! She’s a bit shy at first of new people and still sensitive with sudden movements and loud noises as she is still adjusting to life indoors from the streets. Once she gets comfortable she’s super affectionate! She love getting head scratches and exploring new spaces and won’t stop purring when she likes you. She is good with friendly cats. She will be spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and
A sweet guy who likes to cuddle. Great with friendly cats and met a dog with no reaction. Sunny has a gentle temperament and through lots of socializing has become a sweetheart. He will be neutered, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. His adoption fee is $125.00.
SPECIAL NEEDSJune is the sole survivor of her litter and was born with a cleft palate that has had two operations. Her chin and nose are also much shorter than the average cat as well. Time will tell but she may need to be spoon fed as shes sticks her face/nose in wet food and plugs herself up. She is very social, outgoing and very affectionate…. maybe even a little clingy. She did not do
Go, go, go, go, go is how you’d describe Frankin. He is outgoing and would be fine to go to a family with respectful children. He loves to play and get attention. He will be neutered, vaccinated ( adopter required to boost) and has been given Revolution and Profender. His adoption fee is $125 or adopt him and one of his family members for $200.00.
Doja is a 4 month old girl looking to give lots of love in a new home. She is soft, talkative, and loves affection. She loves playing with her toys and anything dangly. Loud footsteps still make her anxious though, so a quieter home may be best for her! She gets along great with her siblings, so she would be great with others. If you are interested in giving this pretty little girl a new
Hi, my name is Tyga. I’m a little shy when I first meet you but will warm up to you very fast if you give me back scratches. Before you know it, Ill be nuzzled against you napping or climbing on your lap demanding pets. I get along great with my siblings now, but spend most of my time in a cozy, quiet room. I love to play, my blue ball with a bell is
Coal is a curious little man who loves friendly cats. Is is fine being gentle handled and loves being pet. He is playful and sweet. If you are interested in adopting Coal his adoption fee is $125.00 which includes his neuter, vaccinations ( adopter may be required to boost) and Revolution and Profender. 
Tater and Hewie are definitely an odd couple but they balance eachother out. Hewie had a chip on his shoulder which would come out as aggression towards anyone who crossed his path. We just didn’t know how to make him happy until Tater came around. Hewie and Tater love to wrestle and this seems to be the outlet that Hewie needs to get out his aggression. Tater doesn’t seem to mine and wrestles him even
A kitten herself, Minerva had to grow up quickly and didn’t really get to enjoy her own kittenhood before she gave birth to her babies. They will be able to move on before the end of September and we would love for this young lady to get back to her own life. She was in a situation with many other cats and we believe she would be fine with other friendly cats as she is
Doughnut is a loyal, happy girl who loves to play with colourful toys. She is not shy about nuzzling for cuddles, and will happily jump up to get them from you.She currently live with and doesn’t mind cats as long as they leave her be. She has no problem with kids, as long as they treat her with respect. She is definitely a Home Decorator, like most bunnies. She is sassy ( not violet), and
This is Simba, he’s one of the sweetest kitties you will meet. Very affectionate, gentle, and playful. He loooooves getting petted and having his tummy rubbed. He currently lives with children and an senior dog. He will be neutered, vaccinated ( adopter required to boost) and has been given Revolution and Profender. His adoption fee is $125 or adopt him and one of our many other kittens for $200.00.
Vega is a curious kitty that loves to be with people. She likes to be being cuddled and stroked but on her terms. She will become spicy if pushed and is currently on calming meds. Vega likes playing in the sink and looking out the window. She enjoys chasing rubber bands and string. She will need a home where she is the only pet. She is spayed, vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $125.00.
Emery was a feral who lived on Emery St for at least 3 years of his life. Being infested with fleas and ear mites he was so itchy that he scratched his ears so hard that they cauliflowered. He is in much better spirits now. He is a big boy but a softie. He is still getting used to indoor life so a quieter setting would be best. He is fine with Friendly cats but
Alyssa was dumped outside at London Animal Care in a box. She was very scared and shelter staff asked us to take her on and work with her as she was not happy at the shelter. She is a beautiful girl but she definitely had a chip on her shoulder. Her Fosters worked with her for many weeks and she slowly started to come around. She needs a home where she is the centre of
Molly is one of the “Moustache Kittens”. She was the last one We rescued from outside so she is a little bit more reserved than her brothers but definitely coming around. She is good with friendly cats and is getting braver and more sociable every day. She is spayed, vaccinated ( adopter required to boost) and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $125.00.
Like many of our cats Whisper was most likely born outside. She lived outside until she was rescued as a pregnant cat by another rescue. They asked us to take her on a they know A4A has a pretty good track record of turning ferals into friendlies. Once a feral not always feral, Whisper is no exception but it seems that her special requirement to come out of her shell and learn to trust humans
Velvet is a special little lady. Rescued her from a shelter where they had discovered her living in a home with 17 other cats. She was underweight and very skittish. She will definitely need someone who is very patient and understanding and preferably with no other pets. She is especially shy of men and runs for cover when she sees a broom.After a few weeks, she began to trust, however, after five years, the slightest
Hannah (grey) and Sheila are a bonded mother and daughter who took us months to safely trap and get into a foster home. These two were feral but slowly becoming friendly house cats. We are happy to guide adopters on socializing techniques to continue to connect, building trust and a friendship but this takes time and cannot be rushed. It is a beautiful experience to watch unfold but is NOT for the impatient. These ladies will
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