Currently available for adoption:

Gizmo is easily the one of most easygoing cat we have come across. She’s super loving with everyone – even strangers. When her fosters friend’s 3-year-old was visiting they got along famously, she’s very patient. Always wants pets and loves sleeping on us when we’re hanging out/watching tv, etc. We have never heard her hiss or act aggressively whatsoever. She’s also very clean and has perfect litter habits. Gizmo would be fine alone as long
Purrsia loves people and is quick to purr. She would be fine as an only cat but is able to cohabit with a friendly cat. She raised many adopted children when she was nursing and save many lives in she short time. She is a beautiful soul. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been given Revolution and Profender. Her adoption fee is $100.00.
Meet Vega, she loves people but definitely wants to be an only cat. She is a beautiful, medium haired girl with a fluffy tail. Something about those cute kind of rounded ears that also makes us that think has a little something extra in her bloodline. What a cutie!Her adoption fee is $100.00.
This delightful duo are ready to light up your life! Always ready to play in between cuddles. They are good with friendly cats, dogs and children. They are social and love to be pet and purr instantly. There adoption fee is $175 for the pair. They are spayed, have age appropriate vaccinated ( adopter required to boost) and have had Profender and Revolution.
I think it’s that adorable black nose that make Flynn look so cute! He is the only short haired baby in his litter but has lots of personality. He is able to go to a new home in Aug. He will be neutered, vaccinated ( adopter required to boost) and has been given Profender and Revolution. His adoption fee is $100 or adopt him and one of his siblings for $175.00.
Adoption pending…Meet Lucy, she is an adorable adolescent. She had to join our adoptables as it was not longer safe for her in her current situation. She was very loved and missed by two school aged children who want her to find a new, loving forever home. She is good with Friendly cats and likes to sleep with people. She is very patient for her age and loving. She is spayed, vaccinated and has been
Yin and Yang must be adopted together. Yin is always ready to play and is very social. He will be available to go to his new home around the beginning of August. Yin must be adopted along with his Brother Yang and the adoption fee will be $175.00 for the pair.
Yang and Yin must be adopted together, bonded brothers. Yang loves to play and cuddle! He has a fun personality and is definitely social. Yang will be ready to be adopted along with Yin for $175. He will be neutered, vaccinated ( adopter required to boost) and has been given Revolution and Profender.
Earl Grey is an amazing mama but it’s soon going to be hurt turn to be someone’s baby! She loves people and attention but is not a fan of other adult cats. She would be best in a home as an only cat or adopted with one of her children if two cats are of interest. As you can see, her left eye has been damaged from her homeless past but has healed. It does
Like many of our cats Whisper was most likely born outside. She lived outside until she was rescued as a pregnant cat by another rescue. They asked us to take her on a they know A4A has a pretty good track record of turning ferals into friendlies. Once a feral not always feral, Whisper is no exception but it seems that her special requirement to come out of her shell and learn to trust humans
Cali is a beautiful Dilute Calico was was dumped when she was pregnant. She is not feral but may have not long a lot of time around people or had negative human experiences so she is shy but extremely sweet. She loves to be pet but is not sure yet how to ask for attention. She has raised her beautiful girls and deserves someone who will continue to give her positive human experience so she
Velvet is a special little lady. Rescued her from a shelter where they had discovered her living in a home with 17 other cats. She was underweight and very skittish. She will definitely need someone who is very patient and understanding and preferably with no other pets. She is especially shy of men and runs for cover when she sees a broom.After a few weeks, she began to trust, however, after five years, the slightest
Ruxandra (Roxy) is a sweet barn cat we are helping adjust into a friendly house cat. So far so good. She LOVES pets and is all about the kneading and bum scratches. She is getting used to cuddles on her terms and is great with friendly cats. She is kind with a friendly disposition. Fast movements and being picked up are still a little scary for her but she is slowly realizing that humans mean
Hannah (grey) and Sheila are a bonded mother and daughter who took us months to safely trap and get into a foster home. These two were feral but slowly becoming friendly house cats. We are happy to guide adopters on socializing techniques to continue to connect, building trust and a friendship but this takes time and cannot be rushed. It is a beautiful experience to watch unfold but is NOT for the impatient. These ladies will