Currently available for adoption:

Licorice is sweet, petite young lady who loves belly rubs! She does not like change though and therefore needs a home with somebody who is familiar with cat adjustment and able to force feed if needed because she tends to shut down eating in new situations. Foster had to feed her seven days but after that she did well and came out of her shell. She would be best suited as an only cat as
Kara was found outside as a young mother. Her kittens have long been adopted. She is still shy of humans but slowly coming around. If you are looking for a friend for a lonely cat, she is your girl. She’s super motivated by cats and will follow them everywhere and wear them down until they love her.She is really good with other cats taking the dominant role in the house, she just wants to be
Puddin’ was born in the wild 18 months ago . During her 5 months in foster she is no longer the frightened, unsocial cat who ran and hid from people. While she still needs a little more human interaction, she now loves to be petted and responds with loud purrs. She is a super playful and curious cat who enjoys all her toys- whether it is zooming through her tunnel, chasing a ball or attacking
Bonded sisters, Penny and Skittles, are now looking for their forever home. Born outside to a feral Mama these two took quite some time to socialize to human interactions. Now they want to be your friend but Skittles does take time trust new people and give them her love. Penny responds to being petted with, loud, loving purrs. Penny is exceptionally striking with her longer fur and super fluffy tail. Although she has a mild
Mamma Mia was born outside and had her family outside, two babies remained by the time they were brought in on a cold day in 2020. With many months of positive reinforcement she is mostly convinced that humans can be trusted. She has really made huge progress and has turned into quite a sweet, happy girl. She is good with friendly cats but won’t be pushed around by others. She does enjoy playing with other